Mura Technology is a joint venture formed between Armstrong and Licella Pty to pioneer the commercialisation of advanced recycling of mixed plastic waste. Today it has been featured in the national press with coverage in Sustainable Packaging 2020, a printed publication enclosed within every copy of The Guardian.

The publication includes exclusive content from key thought leaders and industry voices to encourage awareness and education about the use of packaging, exploring themes including circular economy, waste management and innovative solutions.

The article highlights the importance of plastic as a material and its many uses in food and medical packaging, and how it should be valued, not disposed of after a “short single” use lifespan. Mura Technology explained that, unlike traditional mechanical recycling, its technology is a form of advanced recycling that can process all types of plastic, including flexible and multi-layered plastics. The products made can then be re-used in food-contact packaging, creating a circular economy.

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