Investments that Armstrong undertake must support society to meet its fundamental needs of shelter, food, health, water and power generation in a more clean and less resource-intensive manner. Our focus is to reduce the world’s reliance on non-renewable resources through renewable energy, battery technology, chemical recycling and resource-efficient agricultural practices.

Resource Efficiency

A low-carbon, low-waste society can be achieved with the right focus, technology and investment. Our portfolio contains Mura Technology who are at the forefront of a new era in chemical recycling, converting end-of-life plastic into products that can be sold into the chemical industry.


Clean Energy

On behalf of high net worth investors and funds, Armstrong has supported investments in the UK and Indian flexible energy generation market in excess of £325million. Armstrong’s portfolio contains ground-mounted and rooftop solar PV, battery storage, and flexible power generation.



Armstrong believes that attractive shareholder returns can be delivered through the need for innovation and investment in the agriculture industry. Armstrong’s portfolio contains Natems Sugar, who are seeking to change the way the Indian sugar industry operates through the introduction of a resource efficiency programme.


Real Estate

Investment in UK real estate needs to look beyond traditional building methods to not only help society meet the ever-growing demand for affordable housing, but to bring sustainable and resource-efficient construction practices to the market.


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